Why Foster?

Foster carers give children and young people who cannot live with their birth families a safe, stable, and loving family environment to heal from their past, and grow and thrive into their future. This care might be for a night, a week, a few years, or until a child reaches adulthood. And while our aim is always to reunite children and young people with their families, ultimately, this is not always possible.

Throughout the foster care journey, CatholicCare is there every step of the way to guide our carers on how to support the young ones in their care through continued training and support. Our team assists our carers in navigating the important ongoing relationships with the child’s birth family based on their best interests. 

Fostered children benefit from carers who nurture and respond to their individual needs, whatever those needs may be. There is an overwhelming shortage of foster carers to cater for thousands of children across the Hunter-Manning regions, and what these children NEED, is a safe place to call home. Due to this shortage, many children and young people in our communities are currently living in motels and crisis accommodation.

Fostering with CatholicCare

When you foster with CatholicCare you will not be alone.

CatholicCare’s emphasis on a family-based approach is what sets us apart. Our specialist team will be there for guidance every step of the way.

CatholicCare supports our carers and the children, young people, and their families, so that carers can provide optimal care for children and young people throughout their foster care journey.

We provide educational and quality training to our carers throughout their foster care journey. Our ongoing approach to the learning and development of our carers ensures that our organisation continues to improve and provide positive outcomes for the children and young people we support.

Our team also values carer input and engages in ongoing conversations to hear their views and ensure they feel confident and supported in their role.


As a foster carer with CatholicCare you will receive:

We provide a tax-free allowance to support the day-to-day needs of the children and young people in their care. The children and young people also have access to a case plan budget that further supports their additional needs.

Our quality training is tailored to the level of experience our carers have and the needs of the children and young people they care for.

Personalised support from a dedicated care team that includes:

  • Care Team Manager
  • Child & Family Caseworker
  • Carer Support Caseworker
  • Care Team Support

The children and young people also have access to additional care team support depending on their needs. These include Lifestory Specialists, Aboriginal Cultural Planner, NDIS Coordinator, and Education Coordinator.

Overnight, weekends, or flexible arrangements dependent on the child’s best interest, where a child spends time with a respite carer. This break provides the child or young person with the time to expand their social and caring networks while also offering the carer a break from their caring role.

Access to 24/7 support for emergency assistance and support outside of general business hours.

We provide opportunities for carers to network and share their experiences, and access peer support.